Mobi-c prothesis

Mobi-c prothesis, Mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis roi-c cervical cage mc+ cervical cage c-plate® anterior cervical plate thoracolumbar easyspine® pedicle screw system.

Description mobi‑c is a prosthetic device for cervical intervertebral disc replacement (c3/c4, c4/c5, c5/c6, c6/c7) intended to restore disc height and retain. Interested in multi-level artificial disc replacement with mobi-c schedule a consultation for more information about the procedure, insurance, and more. Ispine discuss mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis in the main forums forums coolray, i thank you as well for getting back. The mobi-c® cervical disc replacement is a semi-constrained prosthesis with a mobile polyethylene insert situated between two chrome cobalt plates the insert can slide. Intervertebral disc prostheses page 1 of 22 aetna considers fda-approved prosthetic intervertebral discs (eg, mobi-c intervertebral disc prostheses page 2. The purpose of this investigation is to establish the safety and effectiveness of the ldr spine mobi-c® cervical disc prosthesis which is an anterior cervical.

The mobi-c® cervical disc prosthesis is a semi-constrained ball-and-socket total disc replacement in this article, we will successively describe its indications. Mobi-c is a fda approved artificial cervical disc for one and two level disc replacement that helps those with degenerative disc disease retain neck mobility. Zimmer biomet’s mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis has become the most widely covered device for one- and two-level cervical disc replacement by commercial health.

Cervical total disc replacement with mobi-c and patients to know that there is an alternative to cervical fusion with the mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis. The controlled mobility of the mobile insert is the foundation of the mobi-c ® disc prosthesis this second generation artificial disc was designed by a team of. Find all the manufacturers of cervical disc prosthesis and contact the controlled mobility of the mobile insert is the foundation of the mobi-c® disc prosthesis.

Global spine device company ldr was highlighted in six presentations at the international society for the advancement of spine surgery annual meeting last week. Cervical disc replacement mobi-c vs spinal fusion: are there advantages to one disc replacement with the mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis and 81 patients. The mobi-c ® cervical disc prosthesis is indicated in skeletally mature patients for reconstruction of the disc from c3-c7 following discectomy at one level or two. We use the bryan cervical disc and mobi-c disc for our procedures an artificial disc is a prosthetic device inserted between the vertebrae to replace a natural.

Journal of neurosurgery: spine subsequent surgery rates after cervical total disc replacement using a mobi-c cervical disc prosthesis versus anterior cervical. We use the mobi-c disc technology for our procedures they are made with the highest quality and most rigorous standards there is nothing better for our patients. This past year the mobi-c disc manufactured by ldr was approved in the united states and has fda approval for one or two level compressible core prosthesis.

Mobi-c prothesis
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